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I had the happiest hour with Lauren Becker after work yesterday.  We did some people-watching at a yuppie bar, drank some good booze and chatted about writerly things.

We got pretty excited chatting about writerly things, since it’s an area of shared interest.  We talked about editing, about the existential angst of publishing, about thematic obsessions, and tossed around a really exciting idea for a collaborative project.

But then we were like WAIT.  WTF is wrong with us?  We’re being huge suckers.  Why aren’t we talking about the single most important element of any writer’s craft?  What the hell good are technique and collaborations gonna do us when we haven’t even bothered to create our own iconic images yet?  For christsake, how can we ever expect to be taken seriously if we use our real, full names?  Clearly, we had work to do.

And so, it is with great pleasure that I introduce Marnie U. and Heather W.  They’re about to take the literary world by storm.




Let the cult-like status begin.

Call for submissions: Bar Napkins

One of the greatest discoveries I’ve made over the past few years is the unparalleled effectiveness of bar napkins in brain storming and planning processes.  Pretty much I’m convinced that the Fibonacci sequence was first realized through a marathon note taking session on a string of whiskey soaked napkins.  Also, this was how the pilot episode of Twin Peaks was written.

The point is that I think bar napkins deserve their due as a viable platform for ideas generated during drinking.  How else are you supposed to remember that really useful insult generator your friend came up with?

The problem is that now I’m worried that I’ll miss something very important if I don’t dedicate a portion of every drinking session to sketching out a list, letter to the editor or scientific hypothesis on a bar napkin.  Which is maybe getting annoying to people and maybe also resulted in me being really disappointed  recently when my brunch companions vetoed the “Is it Cheating or Not?” venn diagram session.

Please help me legitimize the art form by sending me your bar napkin lists.