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Mid-May Check-in

Highlights so far this month:

1. Nyan cat scarf
2. New story up at the latest online issue of Barrelhouse, guest edited by the ever lovely Mary Miller
3. New work up at Vinyl Poetry
4. Story reprinted from Whiskey Island up at Zine-Scene, remixed by Lauren Becker’s edgy persona
5. Undisclosed
6. Pineapples
7. Leaving work early to sit around in the park
8. Bear Lawyer LLC

1. Not having enough disposable income to justify buying a $75 Nyan cat scarf
2. Lack of sleep

Things I am Excited About

 1) The new issue of NANO Fiction that just arrived in the mail today.  So pretty.  And I’m awful proud to be in there with peeps like Brian Oliu and the always intimidatingly fantastic Brandi Wells.

2) The new issue of FRiGG, released yesterday, in which I have a few poems.  God, they do such a good job with the artwork.  Thank you, FRiGG, for being great and for keeping it up for such a good, long time.

3) The Wigleaf playlist, which I spent the day listening to.  Thank you for reminding me about Sleigh Bells.

4) This

5) Going to Europe next month.

6) Rose Metal Press’ new chapbook collection, They Could No Longer Contain Themselveswhich is obviously going to be so good that you’ll probably think about shooting yourself in the head while you’re reading it so you can end it all on a high point.

7) That new job you got at the Opera.

8)  Finally getting a chance to read the latest elimae.  Jesus Christ – Lincoln Michael,  Helen Vitoria, Elizabeth Ellen – y’all got some beautiful words up in you.


1) Running out of peanut butter.

2) The last half of the 2nd season of Twin Peaks.