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Being Pregnant is Weird

I have been tremendously inconsistent about updating my blog.  Because I am pregnant, I will blame this inconsistency on the fact that I suffered from fairly intense morning sickness for three months straight.  Anyone who cares to do the math on this excuse will quickly realize that my longest period of blog-slacking actually occurred after the morning sickness had ended.  But you know what?  No one argues with a pregnant lady.  That’s one of the nice things about being pregnant.

The other nice thing about being pregnant is maternity pants.  Maternity pants feel like a cross between PajamaJeans® and down from a Zeus-swan.


Those are the two nice things about being pregnant. That’s it.

The rest of being pregnant is pretty much what you’d expect: for example, right now, I am barefoot.  I spent the morning watching Maury Povich and sewing the holes in my hand-me-down maternity pants.  Later on today, I will probably bake a pie.