Mid-June Check-in

1) Very happy to have a new piece up at Wonderfort.

2) The donut craving has gotten out of hand.

3)  There are always books and magazines left in my apartment building’s lobby
for the taking.  Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find the current In Touch magazine.  Today I found this.  I decided not to take it, but I can’t help second guessing myself.  Maybe I made the wrong choice.

4) I’m participating in a new blog that will change your life.  You would have known it was going to change your life, even if I hadn’t told you, because it’s called The Magic Wonder Blog.  My first post was about Craigslist Casual Encounters (obviously).  The blog boasts equally riveting content from Lizzy Acker, Audrey Dilling and Marisa Crawford.  You should probably just go ahead and subscribe right now.  Life is short.

5) Speaking of blog excitement, Hobart has launched a new and improved blog through tumblr.  I promise to post some mini-book reviews there shortly, starting off with Sarah Rose Etter’s phenomenal Tongue Party.  Anyway, remember what I said about life being short?  Get on that.

6) I updated my publications page to include a section that lists newest work.  I am probably the only person in the word who cares about this.

7) Did you know that Zork I, II and II are all available for free download?  Which means I need to wrap this up now so I can play Zork and eat donuts.  Friday night magic, right there.

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